Green Vision Environmental Organization is a local nonprofit making youth organization. We started in the year of 2011. The reason for grouping ourselves was because of multifaceted problems experienced in our district as a result of climate change. These include low agriculture productivity because of changes in weather patterns, water scarcity and environmental degradation, high level of deforestation due to increased demand of firewood, soil erosion caused by lack of trees, water pollution and floods, formation of gullies etc. 

The goal of the organization is to provide mitigation measures towards sustainable environmental management in all transformational development interventions being pursued in the rural mass.

Our Vision

Greveo’s Vision is to mobilize communities that acknowledge environmental degradation as hazardous and strives to restrain the effects of climate change through the enhancement of sustainable use of environment.

Our mission statement:
“Conservation of environment is our concern. Our role to play is to provide hope for the upcoming generation in fighting for a sustainable and harmonious way of living in a symbiosis with nature, for we are nothing but environmental concerners in the hands of our creator and lovely Malawi.”


1. Awareness creation (sensitization)

2. Planting trees which will help absorbing green house gases

3. Rehabilitation of natural forests
4. Improving soil fertility by using natural manure
5. Increase community income through income generating activities

6. Create Food Security

7. Introduce beekeeping

8. Create an aesthaetic beauty by conserving a natural green cover and biodiversity