Tree Planting

In the last few years, environmantal conditions have been changing noticably. Due to population growth and changes in the rainfall pattern in Rumphi, trees are only scarce. People depend on these trees in order too cook, heat, build homes and moreover to breath oxigen. 
To fight this hazardous issue of deforestation, we are planting tree seedlings with schools and rural communtities. What we also do is to teach and sensitize the student and communities about the issue of Climate Change and deforrestation.

Bee Keeping

Rehabilitation of Natural Forests

Apart from planting new trees we also want to conserve natural tree types. Communities are given plots which they are responsible to care for then. All surrounding inhabitants and their friends and family will learn  about the importance of preserving certain areas of the environment. We as human beings are responsible for creating a sustainable way of life with nature. One step towards that, is to let nature get its space back , let nature grow back.